NUPW continues to be at the forefront in providing the best healthcare and other employee benefits for our members.

We are the professional providers of worker representation and the sole advocate for
socio-economic benefits to the public worker in Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

Industrial Relations

The term Industrial Relations is used to denote the collective relationships between the management and the workers. You may file your grievances on this website. Click the Go button for more information.



Education & Training

To arouse and strengthen public workers’ interest in trade unionism which is an essential part of the process of making workers aware of the basic purposes of workers education. Click on the GO button below for more information.



Medicare & other Insurances

Our Medicare and other Insurances Division caters to our members health and insurance needs. Click the GO button to visit that section for forms and more information.



Member Services

Welcome to your Member Services Division. Here you find all member related information on Member Assistance Benefits, how to join our union and much more. Click the GO button for access.




Recent Updates

Recent Posts to NUPW Blog. Go here for our latest releases.

Self – Management Workshop for Chronic Non – Communicable Diseases


Circular – Public Workers Week March 15 – 22, 2015


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